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“Portable Kayak Backpack Does Everything To Make Your Inflatable Kayaks Totally Adventure Portable.”


The absolutely greatest selling point on inflatable kayaks is that there totally portable and easy to store whether it be in a garage or an apartment closet. Who’s heard of a portable kayak backpack you ask? Well, some of us who would like to take that ease of portable inflatable kayaking to the max! Buying an inflatable kayak designed for a backpack  supercharges that purpose. Being an avid cyclist and mountain hiker I’ve seen some beautiful lakes, flowing rivers, and shorelines few people will ever see. You have to do some work to get there, 10 or so miles of work, and being able to bring your kayaking boat with you down right amazing. Everyone enjoys nature, an being on the water is a great way to experience that.

“So Who Makes Portable Kayaks? Kayak Backpack included?”


Bic makes some great totally portable Kayaks with the kayak backpack as an included accessory. With a pouch for your air-pump and a Paddle which can be packed and assembled when your ready to get on the water. This will take care you you guys once you hit the water.Bic produces some Single Person Inflatable Kayaks (YAKKAir Lite One) and some 2 Person Inflatable Kayaks (YAKKAir Lite Two).

Both of which fit right into the backpack depicted in the below picture. Now first things you may want to consider when it comes to an inflatable kayak, especially one your shoe horning into a kayak backpack is weight. It’s not so much a factor when you are driving to your nearest body of water, but when your hiking or biking miles upon miles through trails….going lite makes it an enjoyable experience.

YAKKAir Lite Series portable kayak is especially designed for inland waters like calm rivers and lakes, but has some extra elements specifically made for the ocean kayak paddling experience. I’ve personally taking this inflatable kayak through some waves and through the harbor and it’s a pleasure to paddle. The backpack is comfortable if a bit tall, it distributes the weight of the kayak really well which i like as I tend to take it mostly by bike. In the calm waters it tracks really well as the nose stays mostly straight during alternated paddle strokes making it a great recreational kayak.

Bic makes Kayaks for Backpacks


The Blue 2 Person Kayak (left) is an easy to carry 36 pounds. The Yellow 1 Person Kayak (right) only 24 pounds. But the problem is worst than you think, with added gear and accessories  the weight can really add up. I love gadgets and bringing lots of stuff! Often heading out to adventure much heavier than most. For really long expeditions to your water point destination, I’d have to recommend that “lighter is righter”. Minus food, snacks, and water, please go lite. Parts of your body can start to ache when they are really weighted down, especially around the strap areas. The worst part is you haven’t reached your destination yet and even after getting there your going to eventually have to come back. I don’t know about you but at the end of my adventures I can be pretty spent and  having to haul all the extra gear back to the car can really kill the fun factor. So here’s some Stats:

  • Blue Kayak weight 36 lbs (Combined weight with backpack , pump, & kayak seats= 46 lbs(YAKKAir Lite Two)
  • Yellow Kayak weight 24 lbs (Combined weight with backpack , pump, & kayak seats= 32 lbs(YAKKAir Lite One)

Available for purchase at:

“Aris Inflatable Portable Kayaks are some high end quality portable kayaks that push the limits for bang for buck.”

These inflate to very high pressures which makes than more rigid than most inflatable kayaks. The poylmer coated material is drop stitched to create a near impenetrable hull eliminating the need for metal or plastic inserts. Aris kayaks are rated as some of the best out there, they are super light weight, very portable and compact. Every Aris Kayak comes with an Airpack (Inflatable kayak backpack). The part I most liked about them were the backpack shoulder straps are very comfortable. On the water is equally impressive, Aris inflatable kayaks are very stable on the water making it a cinch to climb aboard by shore or out on the water. Given there inflatable design they are impossible to sink, unlike  their hard shell kayak counterparts. Tracking (Being able to paddle straight on the water is easy in Aris Kayaks, they are designed for recreational kayaking in mind.)

Probably the best part, and what your really upgraded for the price your paying, is the seats. The seats are not inflatable, their real soft foam cushions. You back never gets tired paddling in these and you can last a lot longer on the water without….um…your “seat” feeling sore or tired. I wanted to steal one for my kayak but my kayaking buddy wouldn’t have it! lol

Aris Portable Kayaks Come As Complete Kits

  • Yellow Kayak weight 39 lbs (Combined weight with backpack , pump, & kayak seats= 46 lbs)
  • Blue Kayak weight 33 lbs (Combined weight with backpack , pump, & kayak seats= 40 lbs)

Airis Kayaks Available For Purchase At:

“Harmony Infinity makes a great portable kayak backpack, it really feels like a backpack and not like your wearing an over sized boat on your back.”

The portable kayak itself is a reliable well make single person kayak that is one of the lightest in our article’s line up. The Infinity Orbit 245 weighs in at a breeze 19 lbs.

  • Red Kayak weight 19lbs (Combined weight with backpack , pump, & kayak seats= 27 lbs)

Developed mainly as a recreational kayak, the Infinity Orbit 245 excels in slow moving rivers, lakes, and harbors. Tracking is good, I was paddling straight with few complaints. The spray visors do a pretty good job keeping ya dry, however you may want to invest in a hand water pump to knock out any excess water. This Kayak isn’t self bailing like most others. Still I didn’t notice this to be a problem at all. At least not at Millerton Lake, in less calm waters you gonna get a little wet. But you’re kayaking, getting wet is part of the sport.

The interior was comfortable  for being a smaller kayak, the kayak seat didn’t feel hard or tire you out during long expeditions. Being small has a cool advantage. Maneuverability, I loved how easy it was to turn, though I hadn’t taken it down any class II rivers which it is rated for, I would imagine it would be a safe and enjoyable ride. In a river you don’t have to worry about paddling for speed so much and controlling direction and maneuvers, which this kayak excels at. It includes a air pump, 10 minutes gets you into the water and your all set to go. Traveling with this puppy is a breeze, and totally rates high in the fun factor as I don’t care how far you’re hiking in…she won’t weigh ya down. The Harbor Infinity Orbit 245 is awesome for a quick and ready travel kayak. Car, Bus, or Plane…you have a little boat which will hold it’s own against high price competitors a few price classes higher. I rate it the best bang for buck when it comes to portability.

Harmony Kayaks Are Available For Purchase At:

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