AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

Capabilities: Recreational Kayaking Lakes, Oceans, & Mild Rivers

Brand: Advanced Elements

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Seats: 1

Statistics: Length 10’5″, Width 32”, Kayak Weights 26 lbs, Tested Up To 250 lbs

Comes With: Comes with a carrying bag, a folding padded kayak seat, repair kit, and the AdvancedFrame Sport Owners Manual.

Likes: Bungee cargo net for gear, additional storage compartment for gear, portable and light for easy travel, and it’s fast and easy to setup. 5-10 mins tops

Dislikes: Maneuverability is great, but tracking is a little better on AE’s longer kayaks. No biggie though. Thing of note, if you are taller than the average person (5’9″-I guess I’m average enough lol) You will probably want to invest in a longer kayak for the added leg room. Tall guys complain the fit can get a little tight.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

Reasons Most People Choose Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport


  • XC design – Inner tube covers add stiffness and abrasion protection
  • Rigid bow & stern – Built-in rigid panels define the bow and stern and improve tracking
  • Durable & light – Unique outer cover provides durability in a lightweight design
  • Easy to set up – New Twistlok valves and high flow Spring valves allow for quick setup time
  • Comfortable – High support seat provides comfort for hours of paddling
  • Hull design – Landing plate and tracking fin improve performance
  • 4 Air Chambers
  • Rubber Molded Handles
  • Bungee Deck Lacing
  • Paddle Holder
  • Mesh Pocket
  • New Advanced Inflation Valves
  • Folding Seat
  • Tracking Fin
  • Durable Fabric Cover
  • Splash Diverter
  • Electronically Welded Seams
  • Rigid Bow And Stern
  • Inner Tube Cover
  • Rip-Stop Material

Comes With: Carrying Bag, A Padded Folding Kayak Seat, A Field Kayak Repair Kit, And The AdvancedFrame Sport Manual

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport FeaturesAdvancedFrame Sport Kayaker View AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaker View Shore Side Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Pic AdvancedFrame  & Advanced Frame Sport Comparison

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Easily Can These Inflatable Kayaks Be Punctured? The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport is made of a rugged triple layer polymer mesh material which is extremely anti-tear/anti-puncture, all material that comes together at seems are wielded and not glued like other cheaply made inflatable kayaks. Advanced Elements makes there kayaks to last. So you can expose your kayak to the wild and be confidante paddling through brush and knowing you can paddle to a rocking shore side without any cause for alarm. The AdvancedFrame Sport is not made out of glass and is definitely built to last.
  • Is The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Self Bailing? No, sit in kayaks are not generally self bailing. The Spray skirts that come with the package do a good job keeping excess water out of your kayak.  However a small kayak hand water pump is always a good idea, but is hardly necessary.
  • Does the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Track Well Through The Water? (Does It Paddle Straight)? The Advanced Frame Sport tracks well and is a great light weight, maneuverable kayak. However, it’s tracking is good but not considered exceptional like  some of the kayaks that are longer or are a little higher up the price range. (A little price hike, $100-$150 more you will see very good tracking.) Regardless, the Sport paddles straight and the tracking deviation isn’t annoying or troublesome. And a remains a very enjoyable inflatable kayak for the money.
  • How Long Does It Take To Inflate? It only takes 5 to 10 minutes completely inflate the kayak. And inflation is very simple and straight forward,
  • How Much Weight Can The AdvancedFrame Sport Support? The Advanced Frame Sport is rated to up to 250 pounds total combined weight of cargo and kayaker.
  • Does The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Come With A Warranty? All Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks come with a full 1 year manufactures warranty.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Manual:

Download AdvancedFrame Sport Manual (PDF format 2.8MB)

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