Sea Eagle 370

Sea Eagle 370

Sea Eagle 370

Capabilities: Rivers, Ocean Bays, Lakes, & Ocean Surf

Brand: Sea Eagle

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Seats: 2 Person Tandem Kayak

Statistics: Length 12’ 2”, Width 2′ 10″, Kayak Weights 32 lbs, Tested Up To 650 lbs

Comes With: 2 kayak paddles, 2 deluxe or pro seats, basic repair kit, foot operated air pump, and a carrying bag.

Likes: Its a great step up from a Sea Eagle 330 kayak for about $50 bucks more. This gives you even higher cargo capacity of a whopping 650 pounds! Furthermore this kayak is far roomier than the Sea Eagle 330 kayak, though only a two seater you can easily bring a third person which makes this a great recreational kayak for camping trips, mild river rafting, and ocean paddling. All for under $400 dollars is difficult to beat.

Dislikes: From the pictures you can see a lot of people going down rapids with these kayaks, which is ok for mild river, still I would like to see a rating for white water. Still if you are a die hard river kayaker you are probably going to want the Sea Eagle 380 or 385 fast track kayaks which are rated to class VI Rapids.

Two Person Inflatable Kayak

Reasons Most People Choose The Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak:

People choose the Sea Eagle 370 for it’s cargo capacity and it’s modest price. Being comfortable and roomy is a bonus, and again Sea Eagle Kayaks are made from the highest quality anti-puncture material. The seams are wielded and not stitched or glued, which makes these kayaks very long lasting. 

If you take a look at the pictures you can see people take this kayak everywhere, the lake, the river, ocean waves and is a great way to enter the kayaking world. What I love about these kayaks is the simplicity of the design, all you have to do is inflate, gear up, and hit the water. And as with all Sea Eagle kayaks, the Sea Eagle 370 is a complete package. Most other kayaks sell the kayak alone without all the necessary accessories you need to effectively get out on the water. The Deluxe and Pro Package gives you the air pump, paddles, spray skirts, repair kit, and portable carrying case all included in the price.  Other kayaks have different features or a different look, but none compare to the value you get from a complete and thought out package with no hidden costs. Over delivering on value is really where Sea Eagle Kayaks excel. Trust me and shop around, for the money you almost always get more for your buck at Sea Eagle.

Another great feature is the Sea Eagle 370 comes with an optional Kayak Sail which lets you convert your kayak into a small sail boat. (See the picture below) Which is a really fun addition to this platform.


  • Huge Cargo Capacity 650 lbs!
  • Front and Rear Inflatable Spray Skirts
  • Duel Kayak Skegs For Great Tracking  (Straight Paddling)
  • Portable & Easily Stores Anywhere
  • Very Stable Sit On Top Kayak Design
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty On All Sea Eagle Kayaks
  • Self Bailing Kayak (Keeps The Inside Dry)
  • Front And Rear Grab Line/Tow Rope
  • Easy Read Air Pressure Gauge

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Go Adventure Watersports Sea Eagle 370 Promotional Video:

The Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak can be inflated in under 10 minutes and provides an exquisite kayaking experience. This a the perfect kayak for taking pets out on the water or if you are a gear-head like me as it can be loaded up to 650 pound which is ground breakingly high payload for a kayak. And is another reason why Sea Eagle inflatable have become so popular.

The Sea Eagle 370 comes in two packages, Deluxe & Pro, and I have to recommend the pro package which gives you higher quality paddles and the very comfortable Pro Seats. For $50 dollars more you be the judge, all in all the SE 370 is a bigger Sea Eagle 330 which gives you more space and a higher cargo capacity. Most people really enjoy the roomier feel of the kayak without feeling a tight boxed it feeling of other kayaks. The Sea Eagle 370 is a very versatile kayak that will last for years of kayaking adventures on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Easily Can These Inflatable Kayaks Be Punctured? Sea Eagle is made of exquisite quality puncture resistant material. As a dealer we are given samples swatches of the material to makes these kayaks and it is more then a simple thick rubber that other kayak manufacturers use. Layers of PolyKrylar special material is patented by Sea Eagle which makes their kayaks strong enough to well outlast there long extended warranty.
  • Is it Self Bailing? Yes, the Sea Eagle 370 is a self bailing kayak. (3 deluxe one way valves) Helps drain the water keeping your kayak dry in choppy and rough waters. This is a great feature for rough or white waters on the river or ocean surf.
  • Does the it Track Well Through The Water?(Does It Paddle Straight)? The two tracking skegs (fins) under the kayak are designed into the kayak for straight paddling and offer good tracking on open waters.
  • How Long Does It Take To Inflate? You can inflate your Sea Eagle 370 in 5 to 10 minutes and faster with an electrical pump you can plug into your car lighter port. Each kayak comes with a foot air pump for fast portable kayak inflation.
  • How Much Weight Can it Support? The inflatable kayak is rated to 650 pound of cargo which includes gear and kayakers.
  • Does it Come With A Warranty? 3 year full warranty on all there Sea Eagle kayaks which is the longest fullest warranty of any kayak manufacturer. Their quality material and special construction methods make that warranty possible.

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